What are the benefits in becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

GlobalGiving has a full list of features and benefits available here, but below are some key features of our platform.

  • Donor Management Tools: When fundraising online, donor relationships are crucial. Through our donation manager you are able to see all of your donations in real-time and send personalized thank you emails immediately. The Project Reports you write are emailed to all of your donors and are posted to your project page for future donors to read. We even offer donors the option to fundraise directly for your project through fundraiser pages. If one of your donors is running a marathon or getting married, they can use GlobalGiving tools to create personalized pages to raise funds for you!


  • US donor tax deductions: All donations made through GlobalGiving are tax deductible for US taxpayers, even if your organization is based outside of the US. We handle all tax receipts for donors and provide them with annual summaries of their giving.


  • Corporate partnerships: Each year, GlobalGiving works with 60+ companies around the world to help them with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This means that our permanent nonprofit partners benefit from corporate philanthropy by being on our site. We also manage cause marketing campaigns for companies, resulting in more than $500,000 in funds going to our partners through different campaigns.


  • Fundraising training and resources: GlobalGiving offers many training opportunities for you to learn more about online fundraising and how to be successful on GlobalGiving. We have one-on-one support to provide suggestions and advice for your fundraising. Also, you can check out our online toolkit, which includes video instructions to help you plan a strategy.
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