Where do I go to get help with my M-pesa or mobile-gift?

If you’ve given via the M-Changa giving options (including M-Pesa), and have questions, we're here to help!

If your question is about...

- A recent donation made this month

- How mobile giving works

- Inability to give via mobile

Contact: the M-Changa team at +254-020-765-0919 or by email at support@changa.co.ke.

If your question is about...

- A donation made last month or before

- The project you're donating to or plan to donate to

- The organization which posted the project

Contact: the GlobalGiving team at +1 202-232-5784 or by email at help@globalgiving.org

Please note that neither M-Changa nor GlobalGiving can provide refunds for donations made through M-Changa. All donations are final and cannot be refunded to your account.

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