What are the benefits of becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

GlobalGiving has a complete list of benefits here, but here are our favorites: 

  • 10+ fundraising campaigns per year designed exclusively for you
    • A sense of urgency motivates donors to give. Participate in our time-bound campaigns to motivate your donors, increase your visibility on the GlobalGiving platform, and earn extra funding through special perks including bonus prizes and matching offers. In 2018, GlobalGiving drove nearly $18 million in extra funding to our partners, just for being an engaged member of the GlobalGiving community!
  • Donor Management Tools for you to build relationships with your donors:  
    • Fundraising is about relationships. GlobalGiving makes it easy for you to thank your donors and keep them up to date on the amazing work you do. Received a donation to your GlobalGiving project? Great! You’ll see it in your Donation Manager and can send a personalized  thank you note to your donor immediately. Eager to update all of your donors about your project? That’s what project reports are for! Your donors receive project reports via email but they are also posted to your project page for future donors to read. We even offer donors the option to fundraise directly for your project through fundraiser pages. If one of your donors is running a marathon or celebrating their birthday, they can use GlobalGiving’s fundraising tool to fundraise on behalf of your organization.  
  • Fundraising training and resources:
    • Our goal is to help you become a better fundraiser. From online fundraising academies to peer-led training webinars, we provide multiple opportunities for you to expand your fundraising toolkit and make the most of your GlobalGiving partnership. We want to be part of your team and also provide one-on-one support to help you achieve your fundraising goals. 
  • US and UK Donor Tax Benefits
    • Regardless of where your organization is based, donors based in the US and UK receive tax benefits when they donate on GlobalGiving. Learn more here!
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