What tools and services does GlobalGiving have to help with your cause marketing campaign?


  • Gift cards to your select audiences: you can provide these gift cards to customers, clients, employees, survey respondents, or another group you want to include in your cause marketing campaign. Corporate partners have used this service to incentivize conversions, improve workplace culture, or to give thanks and appreciation. Learn more about our gift cards here.
  • Utilize the GlobalGiving API: Whether you already have a website/microsite, a mobile app, or an employee portal, you can integrate GlobalGiving’s portfolio of vetted nonprofits onto your platform. Corporate partners can use the API to pull select projects and organizations to allow their target audience to make donations to community-led nonprofits. Learn more about our API here.


  • Donations and Grantmaking: GlobalGiving supports thousands of organizations across 170 countries. We are able to facilitate a company’s donations and grants to nonprofit partners in our portfolio. For nonprofits you want to support for your cause marketing efforts that are not in the GlobalGiving portfolio, we can vet the organizations’ eligibility to receive funding.
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