What are microprojects?

A microproject is a short-term fundraising effort to help achieve a specific activity or support a specific individual. Microprojects are a great fundraising tool that helps you capture the attention of donors with a specific, actionable goal and an urgent giving deadline. Here are some important details about microprojects:

  • A microproject has 90 days to become funded. After the 90 day period it will expire.
  • Microproject budgets are limited to $250-$10,000.
  • Unlike projects on GlobalGiving’s website, microprojects do not have donation options. Donors will fill in the amount they would like to donate (GlobalGiving’s $10 minimum still applies).
  • Microprojects are tied to a parent projects (parent projects are like projects you currently have on the site and your parent project can be a project you already have up).
  • A parent project must be uploaded and approved before entering microprojects.
  • Organizations may have 25 microprojects active on the GlobalGiving.org site at anytime.
  • Reporting is different as well. Microprojects require one report either after funding or after 90 days of expiration, whichever comes first.
  • Microprojects receive additional points in GlobalGiving’s project ranking, making them more likely to be seen by potential donors.
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