What are the costs associated with placing a gift card order?

Gift card pricing is based first on the value of the gift card(s) and also on whether the order is standard or custom.
GlobalGiving charges a standard 15% fulfillment fee on donation amounts. As a nonprofit, we use these funds to support our operations. If you want the face amount of each card to reach the project(s) chosen by your recipients, you can elect to pay this 15% as a direct donation to GlobalGiving. For example, if you want all of your recipient's $10 gift card to reach the recipient's chosen organization, you would pay $11.50 for a $10 gift card; $10 would go to the project(s) of your gift card recipient's choice and $1.50 would be a direct donation to GlobalGiving.

Production and delivery costs:

Standard Physical Card
  • Printing costs are waived for online orders; there is a fee of $2 per card for orders placed by phone or email.
  • Standard shipping is free (7-10 day turnaround) for online orders; additional fees are charged for Priority (5-6 days) and Expedited (4-5 days) shipping.
Customized Physical Card
  • Printing costs are $7 per card for 1-199 cards; $5 per card for 200-250 cards; $4 per card for 251-500 cards; and $3 per card for more than 500 cards.
  • Shipping costs will be agreed upon and estimated over email or phone. The lead time for a custom physical card is approximately one month from the time the order is placed.
Standard eCard
  • There are no additional gift card-related fees for eCards purchased online.
  • A $250 set-up fee will be charged for eCard orders placed by phone or email.
Customized eCard
  • There is a $500 set-up fee each time a custom eCard or batch of custom eCards is sent and $250 for each subsequent change.
  • The lead time for a custom eCard is approximately one week from the time that the order is placed and the required information is shared.
More gift card specifics can be found here.
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