What is GlobalGiving's fee?

There's no cost for nonprofits to join our crowdfunding community. Instead, GlobalGiving retains a 5-12% nonprofit support fee plus a 3% third party processing fee on donations (head here to see the fee for organizations). GlobalGiving works hard to keep costs low; the nonprofit support fee is 5-7% for most donations. This covers our vetting costs and enables us to deliver even more money (and many other benefits) to our partners.

For every $1 that goes to fees, we'll raise, on average, an additional $2 for a nonprofit. Here's how: In 2020 alone, GlobalGiving drove $34 million extra to our partners through matching funds, corporate partner donations, bonus rewards, marketing efforts, and gift cards. When you account for all the extra funding that we deliver, GlobalGiving is essentially free for nonprofits. Most of our partners experience a 0% net fee.

Most importantly, no other crowdfunding community helps drive more dollars to important causes, and helps nonprofits improve their day-to-day performance on the ground like GlobalGiving.


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