How do I post a report?

As a GlobalGiving Project Leader, we ask that you update your GlobalGiving donors 4 times a year on the progress of your projects. Uploading reports on the GlobalGiving site is easy and can be done in two ways.

You can either submit them via email or upload them directly on the GlobalGiving site for approval. To learn more about submitting reports via email follow this link.

If you prefer uploading directly to the site, please follow these simple steps:

1) Log in to your GlobalGiving account

2) Click on the "My Dashboard" button located in the top right corner

3) On the next page, navigate to the left side of the screen where there is a grey column

4) Click on "Reports" in this column

5) On the next page, a list of your reports will appear. On the top right of this page, there will be a "Add a Report" button. Click on it.

6) Follow the on-screen instructions

That's it!

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