What should I avoid when writing my reports?

Project reports must contain content specific to the project. The focus of the report should be on updates to the project or stories of beneficiaries.

We ask that project leaders keep the following policies in mind when writing project reports:

  • Avoid lobbying and give background information only as relevant and factual. According to the IRS, nonprofits are not permitted to show political bias towards a specific candidate or policy. If you are unsure if your report is compliant with this policy, we’d be happy to review your report or answer your questions at projecthelp@globalgiving.org.
  • Do not solely solicit donations from donors in reports. While you may mention upcoming events like matching campaigns, reports cannot only contain solicitations for donations.
  • Do not contain links to other donation methods as this may confuse potential donors. GlobalGiving reserves the right to remove links to donation options other than GlobalGiving that are included in your report.
  • Take care to protect the privacy of beneficiaries. Out of respect for the privacy of our beneficiaries, we ask that project leaders do not share beneficiary last names. You may share the names of staff members, but please ask permission before you share the last names of volunteers.
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