What are Effectiveness Points?

You can earn Effectiveness points by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to learning and improving your impact. You can see your Effectiveness points here. There are a few ways for you to earn points through learning cycles:

  • Internal GG Rewards Cycles: Each cycle includes three steps that walk you through the listen,act, and learn process. You will earn points for each step you complete. These cycles are designed to help you discover how to grow your nonprofit’s impact and effectiveness through a variety of ways such as, GlobalGiving Webinars.

  • Non-GlobalGiving Tools: We’ve provided a few extra options developed by leaders in the nonprofit and development sector to get you started on your learning journey. Completing the Feedback Toolkit will help you listen to feedback from your community and the DIY toolkit will inspire innovation in your programming. These tools are housed on a different site but can be accessed through your GG Rewards Dashboard.

  • ‘Create-Your-Own’ Cycle: We want to help your organization listen, act, and learn in whatever way is most helpful for your organization. This cycle option is also available on the GG Rewards Dashboard and is great way to earn effectiveness points for practices you already have in place.
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