How can I increase my project's search rank?

The search ranking algorithm is designed to maximize the number of organizations that are featured so that donors can find the right project for them. Search ranking is primarily based on your GG Rewards status, but is also impacted by how recently you’ve posted a project report, the numbers of donors to your project, and overall donation volume.

Here are some tips to improve your search ranking:

  1. Increase your GG Rewards status. Superstars rank the highest on our website! Head to your GG Rewards dashboard to find ways to earn more points.
  2. Post frequent project reports. GlobalGiving requires that projects post project reports at least every three months. But, by posting reports more frequently, your organization can improve its visibility on the site. (Note: We don’t recommend sending more than one report a month in order to avoid donor fatigue.)
  3. Be an active fundraiser. By attracting more dollars and more donors to your project, you will improve your project’s ranking.
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