Can my organization add our GlobalGiving donors to our newsletter list, or email them directly?

We are excited that you want to engage further with your donors. GlobalGiving added the ability to give donors the opportunity to opt into your organization's newsletter list after hearing from our partners how important this is. You can include a sign-up link for your organization's newsletter list in your organization's basic information tab in your dashboard. 

Unless donors have explicitly signed up for your organization's newsletter list, you can only communicate with GlobalGiving donors through the GlobalGiving platform in order to protect donor privacy and to obey privacy/security laws, particularly GDPR. You can always reach out to them through thank you notes, project report updates, and project appeals!

Each feature can be accessed straight from your GlobalGiving Dashboard and gives you a direct line of communication with your donors! You can learn more about each feature by checking out the blogs with helpful tips and guidance below. 

  1. Thank you notes
  2. Project Reports
  3. Project Appeals
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