When will my organization receive the money we raised for organizations registered in China?

Most of our nonprofit partners receive their funds in GlobalGiving's monthly disbursement cycle. However, we facilitate quarterly disbursements (once every three months) to our China-based nonprofit partners, in accordance with China's international disbursement regulations.
As a condition of our registration as a Foreign Representative Office in China, GlobalGiving must first seek permission to facilitate any new funding to China, subject to the approval of the Chinese Public Securities Bureau. This permission is typically sought through the Annual Plan of Activity process. Our Annual Plan documentation includes the list of Chinese organizations GlobalGiving is authorized to facilitate funding to within the calendar year. If an organization is not within our approved portfolio, GlobalGiving can apply for permission to support the organization two times throughout the year: in June under an amendment proposal or in December for the following calendar year.
Since your organization has active due diligence with GlobalGiving and has now participated in our nonprofit onboarding program, we will initiate the process of adding your organization to our next amendment proposal. We will reach out to you for any additional information we might need to complete this process. Once we are approved to disburse to your organization, we will begin disbursing the funds you've raised through GlobalGiving in our quarterly cycle, using the disbursement method selected in your dashboard.

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