What is the fee on GlobalGiving's disaster funds?

As part of achieving our nonprofit mission to accelerate community-led change, GlobalGiving covers its costs in a variety of ways. We retain a 12% nonprofit support fee and 3% payment processing fee for donations to our disaster funds. It may initially be confusing to donors that we retain fees. But GlobalGiving is much more than a crowdfunding website. In order to sustainably provide value to impacted communities, we retain this fee to cover our staff costs in identifying, vetting, and making thoughtful decisions regarding the stewardship of donor contributions. In addition, we provide ongoing support to community-led organizations so they are more resilient in the face of the next crisis. We also work to mobilize corporate, institutional, and individual donations to our nonprofit partners, many of which are too busy or too small to have the time or connections to fundraise on their own. Our ability to drive further support from companies turns the GlobalGiving fee into an investment that pays off for local nonprofits and the communities they serve.

The individual projects posted by our nonprofit partners responding to disasters are assessed a 5-7% nonprofit support fee (plus 3% processing fee) depending on whether they are registered in the US, UK, or internationally.

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